As a pipe and fittings systems manufacturer, we exist to bring solutions to the world’s water challenges and accelerate the transition to clean energy.

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Water is central to who we are.
We are building on strong foundations and trust our teams to preserve this precious resource and enable access to clean water. We’re also providing sanitation when millions and millions of people still do not have access to it.

Our vision

At Aliaxis, we make life flow, shaping a better tomorrow by connecting people with water and energy.

Our purpose

We are passionate about creating sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy. We provide people around the world with advanced plastic piping systems, leading our industry in a way that anticipates the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.

Our values

Our values make us who we are. We want to achieve more together, working with and for people. We want to be fit, fast and agile so we can answer our customers’ needs. But above all, we want to improve people’s lives by living our values and by making a difference, shaping a better, sustainable tomorrow.


We are fit, fast and agile.

Passion to build

In an ever-changing environment, we retain our passion to build. We are fit, fast and agile, so we’re ready to answer customers’ needs.

  • We get things done: We are empowered and responsible at every level to deliver the best performance. We are fast in reaching solutions that address the fundamental issue.
  • We seek smart and simple solutions: We seek to make the complex clear and straightforward. We are open, consistent, pro-active and pragmatic.
  • We innovate to create value: We are creative and deliver easy solutions. Continuous improvement, learning and development is in our DNA

We achieve more together.

Connect to win

We work with and for people. Together we can do more in our industry, for our customers and for global development. When we connect, we win.

  • We value our customers: We understand our customers and anticipate their needs. We solve problems, bring solutions and create value.
  • We share a collaborative mindset: We partner closely with all stakeholders to achieve the best results. We are a unique global team and we draw strength from our diversity.
  • We are local at heart, global in spirit: We bring our group perspective to support local implementation. We elevate local knowledge to the benefit of all our customers worldwide.

We live our values.

Commitment to care

We want to improve people’s lives. Our commitment to care makes us stand out. We live our values and our goal is to make a difference, shaping a better, sustainable tomorrow.

  • We make the world better: We work every day to deliver sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives. We share a long-term view and generate opportunity for everyone to grow.
  • We are enthusiastic and energetic: We enjoy making a difference. We celebrate our successes and achievements.