We develop a variety of high-quality piping solutions for use in building, infrastructure, industrial and agricultural applications across the globe. For each of these segments, we aim to offer our customers and end-users a broad range of innovative products, services and solutions, always focusing on the benefits for the end-user.

Building. High performance and durability.

The demands placed on buildings today are greater than they have ever been. Not only are buildings expected to be safe and comfortable environments, they also need to be more sustainable from the point of construction onwards.

Water, combined with efficient piping systems for managing it, is fundamental to meeting these challenges within a wide range of buildings. This relies on cost-efficient, durable and environmentally friendly solutions that deliver consistent performance.

At Aliaxis, we design high-quality sanitary, plumbing and building systems for a wide variety of applications.

Industry. Leading range of piping and pressure systems.

Global megatrends are forcing industries to evolve at a rapid pace. As a result, engineering requirements become stricter every day.

From managing water responsibly to processing chemicals or hazardous substances, there are complex and diverse requirements for industrial pipework.

With our wide-ranging portfolio of products, Aliaxis offers complete systems to fulfil a variety of needs across sectors.

Infrastructure. Focus on today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

In our fast-changing world, connecting people with quality water and reliable energy only becomes more challenging. With a focus on the needs of tomorrow, Aliaxis provides a broad range of solutions for essential, large-scale projects that touch our daily lives.

Our global presence brings unrivalled knowledge and expertise, with our teams providing support at every phase of a project. Our market-leading and tailor-made solutions make installation easier and reduce service costs.

They are used in leading infrastructure projects around the world, including pipework for major international waterways, highly complex gas networks, and transportation of cabling in megacities.

Agriculture. Enhancing efficient water management.

Feeding growing communities is a global challenge that will only get harder in the decades ahead.

Greater demand for food means more pressure on precious water supplies, so making agriculture more efficient is essential to creating a sustainable future for people and our planet.

At Aliaxis, we offer a range of solutions to support this goal, with quality systems that help farmers manage crop irrigation and provide drinking water for their animals.