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Aliaxis Greece is proudly part of the Aliaxis global network. This gives us access to a broad range of solutions within the group and the opportunity to connect an advanced product portfolio with our customers. Our highly skilled and dedicated team means we are able to offer our partners the technical expertise required to get the job done. We know that our customers needs are changing, that issues like climate change is effecting parts of Greece and access to clean water in the islands and villages is increasing in importance. We also know that thanks to the strengthening of our local economy, customers needs are growing. Going global means we are better postioned to meet these challenges and needs.

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Aliaxis Greece is strong in the building market in Greece however we want to grow in other segments as well, such as water treatment. Thanks to our access to a broader portfolio, we will become stronger and be the leader in Greece. This will enable us to enter into new markets and continue to deliver trusted performance.

How will we get there?
Our global mindset and access to the Aliaxis portfolio and resources, means we can move beyond providing holistic solutions.

What’s the plan??
We want to improve our business not only globally, but also in Greece. We supply plumbers, technicians and installers who seek quality and service, but we’re also focused on protecting the environment and giving back to the communities we work with.

What do I expect from you?
We are proud of the relationships we have built with our partners over the past years and we are grateful for their trust in Nicoll Greece. Will are building upon and strengthening our future as Aliaxis Greece. We invite you to share your issues, concerns and ideas with us so we can find the right solution for your needs. We discover new opportunities and we create a new journey where we would like you to be part of it.

We are strengthening under the Aliaxis brand and transforming our business. We aim to give our partners the full advantage of our global scale, skilled talent and extensive product portfolitio. We will make life flow by connecting people with water and energy, helping to shape a better Greece for all of us.

Our people

The people who make up the staff of our company are distinguished for their knowledge and their expertise in the field individually undertaken .

The final recipient is our client who receives a reliable quality product.

Eleni Vassilakou
Managing Director
Pavlos Varvaras
Sales & Marketing Director
Popi Lirantzi
Invoice processor & Commercial Sales
Kalliopi Kefala
Accounting Dpt.
Nikos Moschos
Sales Engineer
George Kalogrias
Sales Engineer
Ioannis Kiousis
Financial Controller
Marina Georgaki
Back office Engineer