Access junction basis 400x200

Inspection Chambers REDI.
Injected molded made of PP designed for connections to piping systems conform to EN1401.
RRJ jointing type (Elastomeric ring seal joints conform to EN681-1 and DIN4060).
Half-pipe smooth chamber base allowing running flow and preventing the deposit of debris even at low flow.
The chamber base may be connected to a riser/shaft DN400 (depth depending) terminating at ground level.
The telescopic part allows the settlement that might occur after installation or adjustments of the height of the chamber.
The cover shall conform to specifications (material, loading class, locking devices).
Suppliers will attest that they have an ISO9001 approved quality system in place as a condition for purchase.

NOTE: Gasket Standard Lip Ring
RAL 7037 Grey

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Reference tooltipImage Material DN (mm) H (mm) DN1 (mm) L1 (mm) α RAL
POZ4208 - PP 400 457 200 630 45° Black